Hey What's up!

I'm Silpa. I'm a recent graduate from Ringling College of art and design. I have a BFA in graphic design and a minor in photography. My family is originally from India, but I was born in Muscat, Oman and I grew up in Bahrain. I moved to America about 10 years ago and have lived in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Currently I live in Chicago, working as a freelancer.

I'm passionate about design and art and doing everything I can to be better at my craft. Recently I've challenged myself to learn something new each month to help me be a better creative; this month's challenge is learning more about after effects, so stay tuned to see how that comes out. If I'm not doing something creative, you'll probably find me in some state park, on top of mountain or exploring town with my friends or you'll find me at the next protest/rally. I love nature, I love exploring and I love basic human rights. 

Also I love cats, know too many facts about octopuses and my hair changes color every other week. 

Check out my resume here. If you wanna chat more about my ventures or want to work with me on something super awesome, connect with me below! 



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